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Mute swans have the botanical emblem, Cygnus Olor. This waterfowl specie is regarded to have its source from Eurasia and was introduced to other parts of the world, including Australia, North America, and South Africa. A typical mute swan has a white plumage, and weighs up to 9kg (for the female) and 13 kg (for the male). An adult measures averagely about 150 cm (1.5 meters) when on a full length, and 240 cm (2.4meters) when the wings are fully stretched. It has a black bill as a short extension (basal knob) from the white feathers and grows into an...

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Swans are globally seen as a sign of love, appreciation and respect. People have for a very long time used necklaces, bracelets and other accessories of swans as gifts because there is simply something alluring about this majestic bird. It invokes a feeling of nature and nurture in anyone who sees it, and as a result, they simply can't help but feel appreciated and loved by the people near them. That being said, there is an incredibly high amount of people who wish to get their hands on amazing swan-shaped products. This is why it's quite puzzling why so many...

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