Silly Stackers! (GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT!!)

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Play the classic tower stacking game together!

Using 51 wooden colored blocks to build a tower, players take turns to roll a dice or pick the cards, then remove a block of the corresponding color and put it on the top of the tower. Be careful, the player who tears down the tower is the loser! Designed as games for kids ages 4-8, it’s an adorable toy for home, playroom, kindergarten, and another child-friendly area. Help kids ages 4-8 develop hand-eye coordinatefine motor control and more.


  • Bright color, smooth surface, cute shape.
  • Develop the kids' creativity and imagination.
  • Exercise the kids' coordination ability with hands, eyes, and brain.
  • Simple operation and suitable for ages 3+.

Gross weight: 630g 
Packing size:310*105*105mm/12.2*4.13*4.13in 
Toy material: plastic/thermosetting plastic